WonderZoo is Present

In this 18-rated Plymouth Fringe Festival Performance, outrageous Plymouth arts collective WonderZoo come to the Barbican Theatre!

In this collaboration between local artists of different perspectives, a cabaret-style performance lets monkeys challenge conventions, wrestle the curators to the ground and tear a hole in the space-time continuum for people to make themselves heard through.

An alternative view from the Plymouth underground, featuring visual and performance artists, actors, musicians, poets and alien life forms.

There are no big, shiny websites or tick-box controls from other people’s funding with WonderZoo.

It’s not about being raw.

It’s not about being polished.

We are the voices in the dark and in the light and we’re about feminism, cardboard, Mayflower 2020, blood, politics, society, fun and laughs.

You’re damn right we’re rude, you’re damn right there’s a touch of madness… there’s also Twin heights, Curiosity of the Everyday and Wuthering Peaks.

Cry! Be shocked! Eat popcorn!

There are daleks coming to get you and they’ll activate your art in the dark underbelly of the fragile woods…

Performers featured: Visual artists, writers, theatre performers, poets and singer/songwriters, including Pete Davey, Helen Moore, Gabi Marcellus-Temple, Jules Black, Tara Zaksaite, Brian Herdman, Crab and Bee, Jackie Wacha, Margaret Corvid, Tamora Burn, Alan Butler and Hel Bee.

Wednesday 29th May, 9.30 – 10.30pm. Tickets £8, available here: http://plymouthfringe.com/event/wonderzoo-is-present/?fbclid=IwAR0Z1-ubdeG_Szza-vgpd3nD2hEu2xryHoJOPzN4WQx3FW8S2Cw3HqdLO5k

Fringe poster wonderzoo