A British Summer: Picnics In Our City by The Sea… @EllieMEaton Development Manager at Strathmore House Apartments and the @ContinentalHote, Plymouth

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I think it’s safe to say that almost all of us have our own very fond memories of a picnic with family and friends.

As soon as the summer set in and therewas a double- gured temperature in the air, we were off on a humble family picnic! The rug, the basket and the thermos ask would don the back seat and we would go on a great British exploration – looking out for the ‘perfect’ picnic spot!

For some of us its childhood memories of pork pies, hard boiled eggs, a Frisbee and a windbreak or two for the oldies!


Perhaps not everyone has such an ancient recollection, but we all certainly have picnic memories that we can conjure up and share! It is those memories, of sharing food and drinking with friends and family that we love to make an alfresco meal of!

Picnics have de nitely come a long way since my 80’s remembrance; now they are more stylish, sustainable, healthy and chicaffairs.

So, as July ushers in National picnic Month and as we celebrate summer in Britain’s beautiful Ocean City; we couldn’t forgo the opportunity to share why we at Strathmore House Apartments love picnics in Plymouth.

Whether you are a seasoned picnicker, having enjoyed macaroons and champagne in Paris or gingham dresses and rosé in Central Park; Plymouth really is the perfect setting for a summer picnic.

We share our TOP THREE reasons why aPlymouth picnic in our city by the sea is a perfect afternoon/evening treat.

At One: It’s All In The Location

I know it sounds too good to be true; but there really are so many perfect picnic locations in and around Plymouth. It could be a short Ferry ride to a secluded beach, or a ve minute walk to the Elizabethan Garden in the Barbican – they both offer calm oasis, full of beauty for a perfect picnic setting.

Then of course on the doorstep of Strathmore House Apartments is the spectacular green land on the Hoe; with the iconic sights of the Sir Francis Drake’s statue and of course the spectacular Smeaton’s Tower – and much more.

There really isn’t a corner you can turn where there isn’t a bench or a grassy spot that offers you a vista that will take your breath away and a history that will leave you wanting to find out more.

At Two: It’s All About The Tipple You Take!

Drinks you can admire and sip away at are what picnic beverages are all about. When in Plymouth there really are so many to choose from. A Plymouth Gin is my favourite tipples of choice! A craft that began back in 1793 and in my opinion – just gets better and better.

I like to save my old Plymouth Gin bottles and recycle them for picnics; there is nothing better that sharing a DIY cocktail or two over a pre-packaged one! I like to pre-batch my Gin and rebottle the cocktail – that way there is no excessive bottles to carry and far less rubbish to take home.

I also cram my hamper full of gin friendly nibbles and of course extra fruit to eat and to garnish!

Then I always finish a picnic off with a gorgeous black coffee, and that for me is always a Devon Coffee.

You can find Devon Coffee all over Plymouth; it’s a high quality, ethically sourced coffee, freshly roasted in the West Country and the perfect end to the perfect picnic.

At Three: Part Of The Picnic  Fun is The Picnic Food!

Whatever you do or don’t like – there can be no food rules at a picnic – it’s the law! It should be all your favourite things – AND with no guilt!

At Strathmore House Apartments, due to our fully equipped kitchen, it doesn’t matter if you are a whimsical Afternoon Tea type; with dainty sandwiches and an array of freshly baked cakes and scones with clotted cream and jams; or if you are a traditional type, opting for hearty sausage rolls, pastries, scotch eggs and beige wonders.

You can make everything fresh in our fabulous kitchens, or buy and prepare. It really is the perfect springboard to connect you with your Plymouth picnic adventures.

A chic picnic is about providing an experience. At Strathmore House Apartments we want to help you make the best of all of your experiences whilst being athome in Plymouth.


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