Samphire Brasserie: I can’t believe it’s all vegan! @VegSamphire

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Established in March 2013, Samphire is a small family run business and is owned by Head Chef Joe Wadge and Becca Speare and their two young children whose main job title are chief tasters!

They shared a clear vision for their restaurant; a heavily American-influenced junk food dining experience, small, relaxed, personal and intimate, generating continued excitement with innovative weekly specials & great customer service.

The couple had less than three months to transform the chosen premise into their own after completing a Outset Plymouth business course. They managed to secure funding from SWIG and Fredericks Foundation of just £20,000 allowing to turn their dream into a reality.


The menu is full of veganised classic, including ‘The Big Moc’ burger & their own interpretation of a ‘Kruelty Free Cooking Bucket’. Great pride is taken in all preparation of food and they make all of their ‘meats’ on site using vital wheat gluten flour. Seitan is a popular meat alternative as it has the same texture and is high in protein. As well as perfecting their own cheeses. Front of house is a deli counter often filled with delicious cakes, whoopie pies, viennese whirls and pots of raw cookie dough. They became fully licensed in 2017 and have a s uperb selection of wines, ciders and beers. As of 2018 they started the first vegan delivery service in the area making it more convenient then ever to get your Samphire fix

All the hard work is paying off as they often get nominated for local business awards and most recently won the LUX Life magazine “Restaurant & Bar Awards” for BEST FAMILY-RUN EATERY 2019 – PLYMOUTH.



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