We speak to Plymouth’s @landofthegiants ahead of their @plympavilions introduces show on December 14th.

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It’s great to see you will be helping launch the new ‘Pavilions Introduces’ in December. How much are you looking forward to the gig and how important is it that a venue like the Pavilions supports the grass roots local music scene?
So many venues have closed down recently including Maker which was the last grass roots music venue on the Rame Peninsula. Its really sad to see this happening. I think that what the Pavilions are doing for the local music scene could be the start of something new and exciting for the scene and to be a part of that is really special.

For those who are yet to see you live, or hear your music, how would you describe your sound?
I get asked this question a lot and its a hard one to answer because no two songs are the same and it don’t really think we have a particular sound. We fuse quite a lot of styles together which I think creates a really unique vibe. I wouldn’t put us under one particular genre but you can expect to hear some Funk, Reggae, Ska and Blues!

Your recent Boomtown Fair performance just confirmed your status as one of the most energetic, foot-stomping bands on the scene at the moment. What can we expect from this forthcoming show at the Pavilions?
I don’t want to give too much away as that would ruin the surprise but we have got some seriously tasty treats in store for you lot. One thing is for certain though. Mince pies. Lots of mince pies. There might even be a new tune. Who knows?

Is it fair to say that this will be your biggest show to date? If so, what extra planning goes into a gig like this and how does it differ to a normal show?
For sure. This is going to be huge. The last time we played in Plymouth was at the Hub and it went off. The home crowd were wild and it was so lovely to see so much support for local live music. The Pavilions should be even more explosive especially with Tankus the Henge playing alongside us.
Its been a busy few weeks running up to the announcement getting everything in place and of course a show of this size takes extra planning. Big shout out to Plymouth Pavilions, Tom Keel (Bombarda Agency), Faith Ogilvie (Marketing Whizz) and Tom (Curly haired bass player) who have all been key in making this happen.

You were recently awarded ‘Best Band’ in the Southwest Music Awards. Is this something you take great pride in, or are awards secondary to playing live and seeing the reaction of fans?
Awards like these are a great achievement and we are really proud to have been awarded it. However, there is really no greater high than playing in front of a crowd of people that are seriously enjoying watching you play. For me, this is the real achievement when it comes to playing music.

You’ve been touring constantly over the past couple of years, which must mean you have gotten to know each other quite well. Who has the most annoying habit and what is it?
Ted Bakers bottom burps. Enough said.

As a local band, who special will it be to play at the Pavilions in front of a home crowd?
The Plymouth home crowd is one of the wildest bunch of animals anywhere in the world. We expect to see some serious crowd participation.
There has been some huge acts that have graced that stage over the years and the fact that we now have the opportunity to do the same is a dream come true. It really is gonna be something special and if you don’t buy a ticket then you will be missing out. It’s gonna be one spicy evening!

What plans do you have for 2019 and can we expect any new music?
You’ll just have to wait and see.



To book tickets, click on the link: Plymouth Introduces tickets 



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