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Barbican Theatre is excited to announce it is partnering with The Wheel to offer an alternative Christmas show and new training opportunities in Plymouth this autumn.

An Evening with Krampus is a cabaret style theatrical experience developed by Barbican Theatre and The Wheel to offer Plymouth ‘a darkly delicious festive treat’! Coming to Barbican Theatre’s intimate stage from 11 – 22 December (8pm plus 3pm on Fridays) it’s for those aged 16 and over.

Barbican Theatre and The Wheel are committed to supporting emerging talent, so naturally An Evening With Krampus features some extraordinary emerging artists all based in or from the Plymouth area. Expect a bit of a spectacle, plenty of entertainment, and certainly a fair amount of mischief.  An Evening With Krampus is perfect for those looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas show.

Director Kevin Johnson says:

“We are really looking forward to getting into the rehearsal room and delving into the Krampus myth. In Central European folklore, Krampus punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. In our production we aim to fuse live music, song, cabaret and comedy to create an indulgent, seductive and joyful alternative Christmas treat for grown ups whether you have been naughty or nice this year!”

Audiences can make a night of it by joining us in the intimate and relaxed B-Bar beforehand for the best Thai food in town and a great selection of drinks, including an extensive cocktail list!

Tickets for An Evening With Krampus are priced at £14 (inclusive of all booking fees) Performances are for ages 16+ and run from 11 – 15 December at 8pm (plus 3pm Friday 14 December) and from 20 – 22 December at 8pm (plus 3pm Friday 21 December).

Barbican Theatre is also delighted to be hosting The Wheel’s new training workshops, running this October half term. So if you’ve ever wanted to improve your singing technique, learn stage combat, hone your audition skills or get to grips with bringing Shakespeare to life, this is your chance!

Stage Combat – Two Day Intensive Workshop

Mon 22 & Tue 23 Oct, 10am – 4pm or Wed 24 & Thu 25 Oct, 10am – 4pm

£50 per person (inclusive of all booking fees and charges)
Age 16+

All levels of experience welcome

A 2 day intensive course in unarmed stage combat with theatre and film fight director Keith Wallis. This course aims to give actors and performers all the basic skills needed for safe and effective fight performance, including a wide range of basic techniques that are currently used in the acting industry. With a strong emphasis on health & safety in 21st century performance practice, you’ll be exploring everything from, basic pushes, grabs and slaps, to punches, knees, kicks, throws, blocks, locks and strangles. After learning basic techniques you’ll explore the logic of fight choreography, and how a fight scene is constructed. At the end of the two days students will also have the opportunity to perform a piece of fight choreography.

Audition Preparation Workshop

Mon 22 Oct 1:30pm – 4:30pm or Tue 23 Oct 9:30am – 12:30pm

£15 per person (inclusive of all booking fees and charges)
Age 16+

All levels of experience welcome

A half day workshop lead by experienced directors and actor trainers Amanda Collins and Kevin Johnson. This offers an opportunity to learn more about the audition process and increase experience and confidence for future auditions. The workshop explores the different elements of a typical university or drama school acting audition including workshop, interview, audition speeches and re-direction. Through group and individual exploration and direction, participants receive industry feedback and guidance helping them to sharpen and refine their audition skills in a small and supportive environment.

Singing Technique – Individual and Choral Workshop

Wed 24 Oct 10am – 4pm

£25 per person (inclusive of all booking fees and charges)
Age 16+

All levels of experience welcome 

Participants will get to grips with their voice, discover how it works and learn techniques to gain more control. Through singing, both individually and as a group, they will explore how to develop their singing technique, whilst helping to demystify the voice. Through a supportive and encouraging environment, they’ll receive guidance to develop their vocal skills and confidence, and explore warm ups and practical exercises designed to maintain good vocal health. Lead by Colin Davey, a professional singer and vocal coach, who has performed throughout the South West and nationally.

Shakespeare in Performance Workshop

Fri 26 Oct, 10am – 4pm

£25 per person (inclusive of all booking fees and charges)
Age 16+

All levels of experience welcome 

Participants will get to grips with Shakespearean language and learn the skills required to bring his texts to life. They’ll explore Shakespeare’s characters, language and rhythms through a variety acting techniques and exercises which will develop their vocal and physical craft. Working with some of Shakespeare’s most compelling texts through creative play they’ll discover their own approach to bringing this poetic language to the stage. Led by Natasha Buckley & Amanda Collins who are both experienced directors and actor trainers with specialisms in Shakespeare and Classical text. They have directed numerous Shakespearean plays both in the UK and internationally including work with The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe Theatre.

Singing Technique – Masterclass with Individual Coaching

Fri 26 Oct 10am – 3pm

£30 per person (inclusive of all booking fees and charges)
Age 16+

All levels of experience welcome

Participants will gain expert feedback through detailed and comprehensive vocal exploration. Focusing on both vocal technique and performance this masterclass will refine their skills and offer professional guidance on their craft. Within a small and focused environment (limited to 8 participants), participants will receive one to one feedback, develop their performance skills and gain valuable insight through both practice and observation.

Actor trainer Amanda Collins says: “We are very excited to be working with Barbican Theatre to offer a range of workshops led by some fantastic industry professionals. People can book in for one or join us for the whole week, we think there is something for all levels of experience, and look forward to working with a range of people.” 

Buy An Evening With Krampus tickets or book The Wheel workshop sessions 24 hours a day on our website, in person at the Barbican Theatre (11am – 6pm Monday to Friday) or by calling 01752 267131 (11am – 6pm Monday to Friday).


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