Thinking of selling this Spring? Top tips to get your property noticed.

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As low interest rates continue to make it a buyers market, those deciding to put their property up for sale may feel that prospective buyers will be cueing up outside the door to buy.

Despite the fact that hosuing stock is low at present, sellers will still want to attract the best price for their property, therefore preparing your home for sale is as important now than ever.

It’s a well-known fact that properties receive the most interest during the fi rst two weeks, so it’s crucial that you have everything in order for these initial viewings.

First impression count!

We’ve all heard the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, but when it comes to a new home, many potential buyers will make an immediate decision based on the exterior. Ensuring your property has kerb appeal is one of the most important steps in preparing to sell your home.

Remove any unsightly items from view, touch up any areas that need a lick of paint and make the garden an area that buyers can see themselves enjoying.

Cosmetic changes are as good as big ones

Unless your home drastically needs a new bedroom, bathroom or kitchen in order to get a sale, then focus on cosmetic changes.

Financially, this will make more sense than blowing any potential profi t on a complete renovation. As with the outside, repaint any stained walls, fix taps and loose door handles, new cushions and curtains that won’t break the bank are all easy on the eye for prospective buyers. Remember, the more a buyer feels they need to spend on a new home, the more they will take off your asking price.

Create space

You can be creative in making space in your home. Whether it’s the bathroom, a bedroom or the hallway, a cleverly placed mirror and some strategic lighting can give the impression that rooms are larger and, make the property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Make buyers feel at home

The more a buyer can see themselves living in your home, the easier it is to sell. Make sure each room looks like it is used. Place furniture into vacant rooms, such as desks and a bed.

Set the dining table so that the buyer can picture themselves eating with their family. All these actions are helping the buyer picture themselves living in your home.

Stand out from the crowd

Potential buyers will view many properties before making a decision. It is therefore essential that your property stands out from the crowd. It’s sometimes the simplest touches that turn a house into a home and make your property more memorable.

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